Cool things to love in a world filled with shit to hate.

What if this is it?

Do you ever wonder whether you are actually alive? Do you ever think that you’re a pawn in some greater game; but yet, you aren’t sure how you’re being used? Do you ever feel scared that this might be it?

Oh, you don’t?



You ask yourself these questions too?

Then we are of the same ilk. We’re the kind of people who have to engage about epic shit otherwise our minds will drive us bananas. Like, we’ll fixate on how much we suck and can’t fix anything—kind of bananas.

Since, this may be the only life we get, let’s try to stay inspired by the creations of our fellow humans. A difficult act, I know. But I figure, that it shouldn’t be too hard for me to share a few of my favorite things a couple of times each year.

These “cool–not–shit–things” will include (but I reserve the right to change my mind) books, music, film, writings, internet musings, art and pop culture. Maybe even some tattoos, interviews or things I’m working on.

You can always unsubscribe–we’re not married. But I may hate you.

But, I promise you this, I’m consciously Aspiring to hate you* less.

*You in this context really means everything and everyone who sucks. Not the you you who is actually reading this.